About geshia®

Why And How We Are Here

Chengdu Gecan Shishang Wangluo Keji Co., Ltd. is a company focus on gemstone jewelry.

12-3 Shengli Industry Park

Shengzhen, GuangDong


Tel: +8615756446847

Registration Number: 510109000591333

geshia® is a registered trademark under Chengdu Gecan Shishang Wangluo Keji Co., Ltd. for natural gemstone jewelry. This is the official site of geshia®

Geshia Founder Story

Greetings from Celine, founder of Geshia®, CEO of Chengdu Gecan Shishang Wangluo Keji Co., Ltd.

I love gemstone jewelry. I had one major problem, however; as pretty as they were, the gemstone jewelry I purchased from e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon never seemed to last quite that long. Sometimes the stones would fall out or the metal would get discolored within a few uses of the piece.

A fellow jewelry designer who also happens to be my best friend, Susan, proposed the idea of putting our love for colored gemstones together and starting our own line and brand of fine gemstone jewelry. It was one surefire way of getting a quality product without worrying about our jewelry wearing out. The best part was that we’d be doing something that we are passionate about and truly love.

And thus! Geshia was born.

We hope we can be reliable fellows all along with with your colorful life, thank you for visiting !

Celine Zeng


Greetings from Susan, Chief Jewelry Designer of Chengdu Gecan Shishang Wangluo Keji Co., Ltd.®

My love for jewelry design started at a very young age. I was mostly influenced by my mom who happens to love gemstones just as much as we do!

I studied in London, and graduated from the University of the Arts, where I majored in jewelry design. Till date, I have had over 15 years of experiences in this field of work. I tend to stray away from over-the-top jewelry design as I find it to lack personality.

Instead, I choose to create more innovative pieces that reflect the most positive, colorful and meaningful essences of life. Perhaps my greatest inspiration comes from my love for nature, exploration and observing the little things in everyday life.

hopefully I could help you color your everyday. Thank you.

Susan Lu

Geshia Chief Designer

Design Principles

Concise designs matched with top quality for simple, elegant gemstone jewelry pieces that go with everyday attire.

Go from Monday morning at the office to Sunday evening at your favorite restaurant with Geshia’s line of fine gemstone jewelry.


Mission of Geshia®

It’s simple; our mission is to provide customers with jewelry pieces for daily wear that re-instates the fashion rule “less is more”.

Having fallen prey to inferior gemstone jewelry in the past, we take quality very seriously at Geshia no matter the silver craftsmanship or gemstone material.

For any of our jewelry, the gemstones alone, from color to clarity, are required to meet strict minimum quality standards; the jewelry is crafted in more than 150 working procedures. After that, it is thoroughly examined with more than 40 checkpoints and cross checked for flaws.

And then, we simply present it in front of your eyes. We hope it will Color Your Day.