How To Care For Your Amethyst Jewelry


Out of all the gemstones in the world, amethyst is among the most popular—and for good reason. With its rich purple hues, natural beauty, and ability to make any outfit look great, amethyst makes for great jewelries. If you have amethyst jewelries or plan ordering one soon, it is important that you know how to take care of them. While amethyst looks great it does take a little special care to make sure it always looks great.

How to Clean Amethyst

Warm Water And Soap Can Work Well
Amethyst Care

Using warm water and a very mild soap or detergent, soak your amethyst jewelry for a few seconds and then use a very soft-bristled brush such as a child’s toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush to buff the jewelry. When brushing any gems, try to work in soft, circular motions to make sure the shine is as bright as possible.

Remember, keeping your amethyst jewelry from being exposed to hot water is important. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you remove any amethyst jewelry before taking a shower because this can cause them to lose their bold color. Storing your jewelry in your bathroom is not recommended either because the warm steam caused by hot showers can also affect your amethyst gemstones if they are left out.

Alternatives: If Possible Use An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Amethyst Care-Ultrasonic Cleaning

If you want to try some more interesting method, you can keep your amethyst bright and shiny by an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners work really well for cleaning jewelry. As technology advances, personal use cleaners that incorporate ultrasonic technology are becoming more and more affordable. The way it works is simple: place your jewelry in the cleaner with water or a solvent (depending on manufacturer’s instructions) and ultrasonic sound waves will make your amethyst look as good as new.

DO NOT: Store In Direct Sunlight

Another thing you want to do with amethyst jewelry is store it away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation can affect the properties of amethyst that give it the natural purple tones it is known for and result in color loss and fading. If you have a jewelry stand that is near an open window or receives a lot of direct sunlight, make sure that your amethyst earrings are stored inside a box to prevent color loss.

DO NOT: Get So Close To Heat

Amethyst jewelries can also become damaged or fade due to extreme heat over an extended period of time. Again, if you have your jewelry box or storage containers in a place where sunlight shines through the window, make sure that your amethyst jewelry is stored away from the sunlight and heat. When you are cleaning your jewelry do not use anything like a blow dryer to dry off your amethysts; simply use a soft towel to avoid high heat.


How To Care For Amethyst & Amethyst Jewelry

Gemstones are like children; you need to take care of them so that they remain sturdy. Amethyst, though do not need constant and continuous taking care of, need some precautions to be followed.

Things To Avoid

  • Rough use or hard blows as amethyst have a moderate hardness (7.0).

  • Storing amethysts with other jewelry as it may lead to scratches which look very unattractive. If you have to do so, separate and protect them using cotton, plastic, velvet or silk.

    At Geshia, each of the jewelry will come in a jewelry box, keeping jewelry in after usage will make it safe from scratches.

  • Wearing Jewelry When Sleeping, while the sterling silver is relatively soft, sleeping with them on can shorten the life of the jewelry by sometimes as much as 80%.

  • Hair spray, perfume on amethyst. Amethyst jewelry should always be the last item to be put on and the first to be removed. Perfume and hair spray should always be sprayed on before wearing jewelry.

  • Swimming No matter seawater or swim-pool water, they are full of chloride which will slowly erode the finish and polish of the amethyst.