Career At Geshia

★ Geshia and You

Founded in 2009, Geshia (Former Brand: Getsparkling) is designs, creates, and markets high quality natural stone silver jewelries. Our jewelry and products are available worldwide through our website and online shops. From timeless daywear to the bold, glamorous, and elegant jewelry, Geshia launches new collections on a weekly basis, offering something for every need and taste.To make each customer experience perfect. Help us discover your future with Geshia and make the next step even better.

● Mission:

Offer only the 100% genuine natural highest quality gemstones and fine jewelry with a reasonable price to ensure our customers' purchases are ones they'll love forever and never regret.


In pursuit of our mission, we value:

1. Gemstone is Inborn:  

Showing inner beauty of gemstone by real fine design and craftsmanship instead of PS technology.

2. Make Memories & Help You Never Miss Any Important Moment: 

Recognizing the trust our customers give to us and the responsibility that comes with helping them celebrate life's most special moments.

3. Custom-Made to Suit Your Own Requirements:  

We encourage curious thinkers and creativity from the point of customer’s view to resolve issues.

4. We Are A Team:  

Our work is best achieved through the collaborative efforts and collegiality of the team.You are not alone!

● Location:

Consistently voted one of the best cities in China to work and live, Chengdu is our main office location.


★ Opportunities

● Enjoy and Grow:

Geshia provides you an inspiring job that which give you the chance to grow and revolves around building relationships among people all over the world. Enjoy the offered unique experiences, affordable luxury, and a strong sense of community.

● Strengthen your inner light journey to selfrealization:

Setting foot on a journey to help you explore yourself,discover yourself, and archive yourself.

Follow your true heart, do the most meaningful work of your career.

●  Be yourself:

Geshia’s culture embraces people’s diverse perspectives and creates a positive environment where everyone belongs.There is no office politics in Geshia, you do not need to do things that are against your heart.

● Become confident:

We offer several representatives to take part in exhibitions. As long as you have enough capacities you will have the chance to get it.


★ Benefits

Gehia will support the employees all the way. Benefits may vary by individual/position, but may include below:

● Holidays: Paid Time Off, including national legal holidays and personal annual leave.

● Health: Company Paid Medical Insurance, Endowment Insurance, Unemployment Insurance,Employment Injury Insurance, Maternity Insurance and Housing Provident Fund.

● Financial: 1.Incentive & Bonus Plans

                       2. Transportation Allowance

                       3. Employee Discount & Voluntary Benefits

                       4. Overtime Paid


★ Careers & Apply

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a dedicated professional who wants to pursue your dream to a bigger stage,there’s a bright future for you here.

A job that’s more than just a paycheck.

We will post open positions in our official website or blog aperiodically. Our hiring process is pretty basic; which usually involves a first conversation with a recruiter, a phone interview and an onsite interview at our office.

If you don't see an open position that interests you now, you can sign up for job notification emails to will alert you when the position becomes available in your area of interest. You may also submit a general application.

Anyway thank you for your interest in employment with Geshia.