Celebrating Nature With Peridots - Peridot Jewelry To Clothes


Peridot is one of the few gemstones with a captivating property; its bright green color doesn't let you take your eyes off it. We have put together a few tips on how to rock this gorgeous gemstone.

Let's Talk Color

Peridot has a light to medium green color. Green is a composite color made by the mixture of the primary colors blue and yellow. Peridot looks great with outfits themed around a shade of blue. A peridot necklace throws in the right amount of fresh sassiness to the regal darker shades of blue such as navy blue and pink blue. But real magic happens when they're combined with lighter shades of blue; it’s such a soothing combination that you need to wear it to know it. Peridot jewelry works wonders with outfits in lighter shades of yellow (such as lemon yellow) . Yellow is sometimes considered a hopeless color to match jewelry with but now we all know the answer to that!

Peridot Jewelry Matching

Peridot Jewelry Matching

Summer In the Air

The bright green color of peridot brings back sweet memories of summer from childhood. Peppy and happy never goes out of fashion and hence peridot will never go out of fashion. Walk down the streets, beach or just anywhere in a breezy summer dress, casual sandals and peridot earrings and voila, you would be a picture perfect pretty dame.

Formally Speaking

Who said formal always needs to be boring and serious with intense colors like maroon and dark blue? Peridots may be bright green but don't underestimate their tremendous ability to go with almost any type of outfit. A well fitted suit with simple peridot jewelry with clean lines is the way to go for any formal occasion.

When Classic Doesn't Work

Thought black goes with everything? Well, you could not have been more wrong! Though it’s true that black makes peridot stand out, it looks like a color combination straight out of a pre-teen's action comic book. So if you want to give a classic old color a shot, try white. White looks different and amazing with the sudden zesty burst of color from peridots. Other colors that usually should be avoided with this gemstone are dark pink, red and darker shades of purple.

Peridot Jewelry Matching