Geshia Jewelry Design Concept


Simple, Innovative and Colorfully Classy Designs

With the simplicity of everyday life in mind, we design our gemstone jewelry to bring charm, color, and class to the wearer’s overall attire and personality.

Instead of creating big, bold, bulky jewelry pieces that are screaming out for attention, we design elegant, delicate, brightly colored gemstone jewelry that demands the stares.

We are constantly innovating our designing ideas and techniques to produce high-quality pieces that reflect the most wonderful, colorful and meaningful essences of life.

In short, intricacy meets simplicity with every design.


Naturally Inspired, Naturally Beautiful

Our team of designers is highly motivated, inspired and passionate about their job.

Each gemstone piece is created based upon a host of ideas from highly skilled designers in the profession. They draw inspiration from some of the simplest, yet most beautiful things life has to offer.

Nature, exploration, natural energies and vibrant colors are just some of the things that inspire our jewelry designers to produce pieces that are easily incorporated and beautify daily wear.


Versatile, Sparkly Designs to Mix and Match

The principles and mechanics of jewelry design instilled at Geshia are based on nature and reflect a symmetrical balance and emphasis on natural, sparkly elements.

Their versatility, delicate lines, and simple designs make them easy to mix and match with posh jewelry pieces you may have in your jewelry box.


Concise, Minimalist Design Principles for Maximum Comfort

Following the design principles at Geshia, you will find our gemstone jewelry to be of very high quality, elegant, simple and beautifully colored.

To ensure maximum comfort for the wearer, we design our gemstone jewelry to have smooth finishes and avoid the use of rough, abrasive chains and add-ons that cause a lot of discomforts.

Our concise designs are signature; we aim to make bold statements using minimalist design principles.

Each jewelry piece is unique and versatile so that the wearer can step out in an evening gown or head to the supermarket wearing the same piece.


Combine With Craftsmanship

The intricacies and fine detailing are a testament to the skills and knowledge of the jewelry designers at Geshia. These finely crafted designs are evident in our finished flower rings, butterfly pendants, among other jewelry styles we create.

Our design team pays close attention to detail before, during and after production as our designers believe jewelry design work is not completed until jewelry finished.


Natural Themed Designs Make for Stylish, Elegant Jewelry

We like to have a theme in place when designing our gemstone jewelry.

For example, a lot of our work consists of natural themes in the form of floral designs, butterfly and animal motifs, and patterns associated with the sky and water.

The use of natural colors and patterns are perfectly integrated to give prominence to design themes. We mainly focus on colors like red garnet, purple amethyst, blue topaz or tanzanite and colorful tourmaline.