Exude Class With Blue Topaz - Blue Topaz Jewelry To Clothes


One look at a Swiss blue topaz and you would know why it is such as favorite among the ladies all over the globe. There is something about its serene blue color that pulls one in. It is not hard to come up with good looking combinations when it comes to this gemstone but innovation and uniqueness is the key so we have put together some looks that will make you stand out.

Let's Talk Color

Blue is a primary color but in case of blue topaz, it is a light shade of blue. Needless to say this would complement outfits in white and blue. This pretty color would also go well with softer shades of colors that are composites of blue such as lilac and lime green.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Matching

Winter Is Here

Blue topazes have a very pretty frosty look to them. Get the perfect angelic look by teaming dainty blue topaz jewelry with an empire waistline flowy white dress. Let your hair down in cascading waves. And this is what a vision to behold looks like!

The Girl Next Door

Blue topazes can worn perfectly well casually also. The only difference is that once you put on good blue topaz jewelry, you will look like a million bucks. Whether it's a simple blouse and jeans or a casual skirt and tee, everything and anything looks amazing with blue topaz.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Matching

The Diva Underneath

Every girl next door has a diva hidden in her. All she needs is an occasion and awesome accessories and sometimes just the latter. So let us help you solve this problem today. Pick up any blue topaz jewelry especially a necklace and put on a dress or skirt. There you go! You are all set to show the world your glamorous side.

At Work

We are firm believers in the opinion that clothes at work place need not be dull and plain just because they're formal. Because last time we checked, no dictionary defined formal as boring. So here is your chance, girl! Show them that workplace clothes can be pretty good looking and happy while being formal. Just put on anything you wear to work in pastel shades and pull back your hair so that your gorgeous blue topaz earrings can be revealed to the world. But make sure you don't go too overboard with the jewelry. We don't our jewelry to be hindering our work, do we?

Blue Topaz Jewelry Matching

Neckline Stories

Necklines are an essential part of an outfit which is often ignored. In fact, it can make or break your look!

If your dress or blouse has a swooped deep neckline, a silver chain with blue topazes dangling down the center in swirling beauty would look absolutely exquisite. Contrary to popular belief, high necklines and Chinese collars also can be pulled off pretty well with a necklace. A silver chain with a delicate pendant would do just the job. Prefer ditching the heavier blue topaz necklaces with high collars.

If boat neck is your style, adorn your neck with blue topaz jewelry that has jewels throughout the length of the chain or at least a greater part of it. This would draw attention to your collar bones without making your neck look too bare. Oh and we forgot! If you have a long, slender neck, you are so the lady for this look!

You could flaunt your pretty neck by pulling back your hair into a messy bun and pairing beautiful Swiss blue topaz earrings. And there you are, girl, all set to turn heads!