High Quality Guarantee & No Harm to Mother Nature

Quality Control & Environmental Friendly


Quality Control

We are all aware how a good administration is based on a system of checks and balances. In a similar manner, we have people checking every step of the manufacture of gemstone jewelry. Our quality control inspectors work like detectives and their trained noses can smell even the slightest hint of dwindling quality or something that has the potential to go wrong. In fact, our quality control inspectors also have the veto vote in rejecting defective material over our managers. Well, nothing comes before quality, right?

After manufacture, there are many post production processing procedures that need to be made use of. Our 'detective' quality control inspectors make sure these processes, which consist of waxing, polishing, soldering and finishing are scrutinized for absolute perfection. In case of waxing, we closely look for any shrinking, size or shape anomaly. This is done after comparison with a desired reference. Polishing is also inspected and the prongs and stone cases are examined for any irregularities. We ensure perfection at every stage which is why we ensure proper soldering before we begin the second stage of polishing. Proper stone setting is made sure of. There are several parameters that are made use of such as in rings, the gemstone should not touch the finger and in pendants, the gemstone should not spill out of the setting. Symmetry is beauty in jewelry and we make sure our gemstones are symmetrical with clean cuts. An S925 stamp is mandatory for our jewelry as it carefully analysed with great efforts.

With the sweat of our brows, we present before you jewelry that not only meets your expectations but exceeds it. For this, our skilled and exceedingly talented craftsmen work tirelessly with our quality control inspectors to bring forth quality.


Environmental Friendly

A lot of ladies have a medical condition called contact dermatitis when they wear any jewelry because the skin gets irritated. But guess what, not just your eyes and heart but your skin loves our jewelry too! Our jewelry is gentle on the skin as it is free of any lead or cadmium. Our jewelry must be really adorable because Mother Earth also loves it too. It meets all the quality requirements which is not seen in poor quality gemstone jewelry. We care not just for you, our customer but also the environment you live in.