Peridot Gemstone: Tonic for the Eyes and Body

Peridot Gemstone

Why August

The practice of birthstones has taken reference from the Bible. Aron's breastplate had 12 gemstones hat signified the 12 tribes of Israel. Through careful studies, Peridot has been chosen as the gemstone for people born in August. This is because the color green infuses peace and harmony with special emphasis in the lives of people born in the month of August. It is popularly known as a tonic for the entire body, curing many ailments.

The Evening Emerald

Glittering rocks from the heart of Earth, Peridot is called the Evening Emerald because of its light green hue. It has often been confused with emeralds and is called the' poor man's emerald'.

Cleopatra's Unending Love Saga

Cleopatra loved peridots! She held them so dear that many people thought that they were actually emeralds. Even one of the most beautiful women in history held their beauty close to her heart. In fact, Egyptians have always been so fascinated by the peridot that they wore it around as a talisman to keep away evil forces.

Legends Sing of Its Glory

Peridot was thought to be so powerful that ancient Roman priestesses used goblets carved out of this gemstone to feed ailing people concoctions. The Hawaiians believe it to be the dried tears of their goddess, Pele who formed the volcanoes and their beautiful land.

Dazzling Beauty, Unique Traits

Peridot is a stunningly beautiful gemstone, no doubt but there is so much more interesting stuff to know. For example, did you know that this is one of the very few gemstones that comes only in one color? Its shades vary, of course. The most precious ones are lime greenish with no hint of brown or yellow color. The best quality peridot has iron percentage less than 15% and trace quantities of Nickel and Chromium. It is considered auspicious as a gift for 16th anniversary as the spectrum of its color corresponds to complete harmony with the number 16.