Give Your Peridots a Loving Bath!

All good things do need care. Here is all the information you need to keep your pretty friends clean and shining like new! Don't worry, this will not even be close to the tediousness of household cleaning. This is as easy-peasy as it gets!

It is said that every stylish woman does not neglect her skin, even on her elbows and heels and taking care of peridots in that same sincere way is essential to long lasting jewelry. First of all you should determine whether the peridots in your jewelry are fracture filled. Usually peridots do not have fractures and presence of any fracture leads to a sharp fall in value so if your peridot has fractures, the jeweler will usually declare it. Small fractures or cracks disrupt the passage of light through the gemstone so that there is a whitish spot formed. To overcome this, these fractures are filled with wax, oil, borax or Epsom. Such details are commonly seen by the untrained eye so it is suggested you ask a certified jeweler

After you are done determining if your peridot is fracture filled or not, the next step is cleaning. Irrespective of fracture filling, peridot cleaning is a very hassle free and easy-peasy job. In fact, all you need is a bowl of water, a soft bristled brush and a few drops of liquid detergent. Squeeze in 3-4 drops of liquid detergent in a bowl of water and mix it well. Drop in the peridots and brush its surface with a brush with soft bristles or a cloth that is lint free. Take it out of the soapy water and run it under plain water and wipe the gemstone in a dry lint free soft cloth. That is it! That is all it takes for glittering classy peridot jewelry that looks as good as new. For those ladies that love everything that involves high technology and are not satisfied with simple domestic procedures, the market is booming with ultrasound treatments to clean garnets. Though effective, it is not recommended for peridots treated with fracture filling. Steam treatment is also not good for peridots.

Gemstones are like children; you need to take care of them so that they remain sturdy. Peridots, though do not need constant and continuous taking care of , need some precautions to be followed. These gemstones have a moderate hardness and hence should not be subjected to very rough use or hard blows. Also , do not store these gemstones with other jewelry as it may lead to scratches which look very unattractive.

Peridots make a woman look beautiful like never before; whether it is their alluring color or intense brightness or symbolism of love, nobody really knows. But what we do know is that these pretty gemstones surely work their magic. Do them a favor and take care of them and they will love you like never before!