Why Gemstones from Geshia Jewelry Won't Fall Off

Setting Artworks in Geshia Gemstone Jewelry


Imagine picking the best gemstone after efforts of analyzing the cut, brightness and design ... Naturally you would hold the jewelry close to your heart. Now imagine that suddenly that gemstone goes missing because it falls. Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Cut, quality and brilliance may mean a lot when talking about gemstones but what is the use if it just falls off? Fortunately, we hardly ever receive such complaints but this is no mere coincidence because we take monumental efforts to ensure that your beloved gemstone stays where it should in your jewelry.

To make this possible, we use a variety of techniques to set our gemstones into place.

The setting of gemstone refers to their placing securely in the jewelry in order to attach it. Irrespective of the design, the gemstones in our jewelry sit firmly. The secret behind this is that there are no gaps in the setting so the stones don't move when jostled.

High quality prong setting is used in which prongs of metal are pressed down upon a gemstone fixed to the base without any gaps. Prong setting uses minimal metal and is ideal to show off the cut of a gemstone. Heavy claw setting is used but trust us, when you see our jewelry, the only thing suggestive of heavy will be the support offered because despite being heavy prongs, they have a smooth and easy appeal to them. The prongs are essentially metallic projections from a secure base that are then pressed down upon the gemstone to put it in place. Prongs can be of many sizes and shapes depending upon the gemstone especially if it is faceted or cabochon shaped. Since lesser metal is used, more light is let to strike the gemstones from different angles and directions and this greatly brings out the brilliance and brightness of the gemstone. A long time ago the bezel setting used to be used but we don't use it anymore because of the greater reliability and aesthetic appeal of the prong setting. If you want to ensure your setting is the right size, place your setting upside down over the stone. It will be around half millimeter smaller. It is not just the setting into which the gemstone is placed that is made with precision, it is made sure that the gemstone fits perfectly.

At Geshia®, we love perfection so we make use of high technology micro-inlays to ensure that the gemstone fits in snug and perfect. The other secondary stones in the jewelry that are placed to enhance the major gemstone are set by hand and are done by a set of highly skilled and trained professionals. In case of poorly set gemstones, the production line is not mature and the gemstones fit poorly, the result being them falling out. Thankfully, at Geshia® you do not need to worry about it at all. We create such a perfect little home for our gemstones in our jewelry that they just would not want to fall out!