Why Geshia Gemstone Jewelry Aren't Going Black?

Secret About Polishing And Electroplating In Geshia Gemstone Jewelry


What is worse than the gemstone falling off? Our beautiful silver jewelry going black? We, at Geshia values quality more than anything else and so we make use of careful electroplating to bring you the best quality of solid 925 sterling silver electroplated with 2-3 layers of rhodium and palladium.

Jewelry that is plated with a metal is much better than the unplated solid jewelry because the metal that is coated on the top of the silver is usually one that protects against corrosion and enhances the life of the jewelry. We use Rhodium to plate our jewelry. Rhodium is an expensive metal but we use it because it not only eliminates corrosion and tarnishing, it also has such an amazing appeal to it, you cannot help resisting it because it has superior brilliance and brightness. It brings out the color of gemstones like none before because it dazzles so amazingly. In fact, under a lot of lighting conditions and from a few feet away, one cannot make out where the rhodium ends and the zircons start.

However, rhodium cannot be applied directly to silver because it is a base of sulfuric acid so it can corrode any metal which is less noble. A lot of jewelers use nickel underneath the rhodium which is the leading cause of contact dermatitis and this is why it is banned in Europe.

But you can trust us, we use Palladium. Palladium is a white metal from the noble family and is found as a by-product during platinum mining. Despite being a by-product, it is very expensive and rare but we make sure all our jewelry has palladium because it is skin friendly. Palladium can be easily coated directly on any electricity conducting metal and then rhodium is coated on top of it. Palladium not only resists corrosion but also has high wear resistance because of its sturdiness. Besides all these considerations, the main reason why we use palladium in our factory is because it adds a smooth finish to the entire product as this makes the Rhodium plating much smoother and easier.

In case we didn't mention this before, palladium and rhodium are precious! Just that coating on your beloved Geshia® ring costs more than Gold per gram. These metals are not found that abundantly in nature and are not only rare but also not much is known about their deposits. In fact, these are like the royals among metals, belonging to the platinum family. If you are thinking why we take such cost and efforts to just get a coat on your jewelry, have a look at any Geshia® jewelry. Its quality speaks for itself and we would not present anything before you that isn't the best in our sight.

This may seem like a lot of technicalities at once but we really want you to know how we do all this so that when you see the purity, knowledge and love we put in, you would know why we deliver some of the best quality jewelry. Let us talk about electroplating. It is based on simple science principle we all vaguely learned about in high school. It refers to the process in which one metal is coated on another object or metal when both are placed in a solution and electric current is passed. We make use of something called an electrolytic cell. Two metallic strips are connected to one terminal of a battery and immersed in a solution called the electrolyte. Obviously, one strip is negative (cathode) and the other positive (anode). When current is passed, the metal from anode gets deposited on the cathode. While electroplating any jewelry, a few things are desired - uniformity, brightness, no sharp edges deposition, etc. To ensure this we carefully regulate the pH of the electrolyte, the surface area of anode, the temperature, etc.

Through science, we have developed our special techniques that make our electroplating more efficient and strong. So forget hesitating to buy silver jewelry because of tarnishing because when you trust us, we believe in delivering nothing but the best.